Charlie & Max The 3 P's Collection of Puppy Essentials. Bundle includes Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator, Anti-Chew Bite Stopper & 6-Pack of Interactive Dog Toys

Our pet odor & stain eliminator works hard on your toughest stain and odor problems on all colorfast carpets, fabric and most most upholstery. Removes not just the stain, but the smell from dog urine, poop, vomit or any other gross animal accidents. A must have pet odor eliminator for home. Our eco-friendly cat pee enzyme cleaner is the best cat odor eliminator for strong odor on the market. If you own a cat you know while cute and hopefully cuddly their pee does stink. Use our pet odor and stain eliminator carpet cleaner spray to not only remove stains but stops the stink.

  • THE ULTIMATE BITE STOPPER: Protect furniture, clothing, electrical cords, and carpet and stop unwanted biting and chewing in its tracks with our pet-safe and child-safe formula!
  • GREAT FOR TRAINING PUPPY: Chewing and biting is typically a behavioral issue, which is why we’ve created a bite deterrent that is suitable to use on a regular basis to help train your puppy
  • HOURS OF FUN: Made with eco-friendly and soft high quality material. Includes 6 dog toys for puppies featuring dog tug toys, puppy teething toys and of course, everyone's favorite dog squeaky toys,
  • ELIMINATES STAINS, ODORS AND RESIDUE: Our pet-friendly odor eliminator for strong odor is the ultimate pet stain remover with a strong pet urine enzyme cleaner.
  • GREAT VALUE: Get The 3 P's Collection (Prevention, Patience & Playtime) and save. Included in our Puppy Essentials Bundle is 1 32 oz bottle of Charlie & Max Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator; set of 6 dog toys and 1 8 oz bottle on Anti-Chew Bite Stopper.