The Ultimate Pet Odor And Stain Eliminator

🐾Naturally - derived, plant-based surfactant 

🐾For use on tile, concrete, and other water-safe surfaces 

🐾Cleans and deodorizes 

🐾Eliminates stains and odors at their source 

🐾For use on carpet, upholstery, and fabric

Our Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator contains a plant-based cleaning agent instead of a chemical one. This means it is much gentler to use without losing its powerful stain and odor removing capabilities. 


Premium Anti-Chew Spray For Dogs And Cats

🐾Twice the industry-standard concentration

🐾The fast-acting solution has a direct effect

🐾No alcohol - unlike our competitors

🐾Safe for use on electric cords, carpet, upholstery, fabric and your favorite shoes.

While chewing is considered normal behavior for dogs of all ages and breeds it can be directed toward inappropriate items such as furniture, clothing, electrical cords, carpet, etc. This Anti-Chew spray is specially formulated with a non-alcohol formula that helps to deter pets from chewing such items. Charlie and Max Anti-Chew spray is one of the most potent formulas available in the market. 

  • No more Stains, No more Odors!! Try now our Pet Odor & Stain Remover

  • Remove Stains and Odors fast and easy with our Plant Based Formula